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The most thorough and quality arm care, velocity improvement and pitching development program for baseball players in college or professional baseball in the Calgary area, as well as players from all over Canada and the United States. This will be done by assessing the athlete, and providing them individualized throwing, lifting and nutrition programs based on their strengths, weaknesses, and their goals in baseball.

Starting June 2021, we have officially added a hitting portion to our training! We are happy to be able to train hitters now, using the same approach as for pitchers, using technology and data to customize training programs to get the desired results.

Please contact for more information!

Sports Injury


Baseball Ball


Lifting Barbell


Get a full movement assessment so your individualized plan can include strengthening your weaknesses.

An individualized throwing program, focusing on arm strengthening, recovery, and velocity improvement.

An individualized lifting program focused on strengthening the right muscles to make sure your body is ready to throw hard and recover properly.

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