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Must reads

Reading is essential to learning. Knowledge is truly power. It is also very important to read multiple views, and not just from one source, so that you can make a decision for yourself, and do your own testing on what is best.

Here are some must read books:

"Building the 95mph Body" - Ben Brewster, Tread Athletics

"Building the 95 MPH Body is one of the most comprehensive resources available on the topic of building pitching-specific strength, muscle, power, and how to throw harder"

"Hacking the Kinetic Chain" - Driveline Baseball

"Hacking The Kinetic Chain is the complete resource for developing high-velocity pitchers. This training manual and digital library is an integrated guide to strength development and pitching training."

High Level Throwing” – Austin Wasserman, Wasserman Strength

“The High Level Throwing: Baseball Edition E-Book has over 70 instructional videos on baseball throwing mechanics and the following components:

  • Throwing Patterns by Position

  • Throwing Progressions

  • Throwing Drills

  • Jaeger Sports J-Band Series

  • Long Toss Protocols

  • Post Throwing Stretches/Soft Tissue Work!

  • Discount Codes to DriveLine Baseball’s Weighted Ball System & Books"

Websites with tons of good articles:

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